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GTA V Teaser

Oh Yeah!

Rockstar has a teasersite regarding Grand Theft Auto V . The site is supposedly set up by the fictional ‘ Epsilon program opportunities-Church, which quite a few exhibits striking similarities with the Scientology religion.

Although GTA V not on the new site is called, there are clear links between and the game from Rockstar.

The website contains the twelve ‘ core ‘ of the Epsilon Program ideas. Thus, trees can talk, but only some people can hear that. The site of the nepgeloof calls also on money to donate to the visitors ‘ Epsilon tourism ‘, what would be the only way to become happy, which is underlined by some ‘ testimonials ‘ on the website.

Grand Theft Auto V has been around for some time in development and still has no concrete releasedate The game will probably appear only at first for the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3, and the pc version will be equally ready. According to various rumors the game between november 2012 and april 2013 would appear, but Rockstar has never commented on those rumors.


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