The Forerunn3rs

Canalpride / Gaypride 2012

So there is was… sitting on the couch till some one said “Let’s go to a party”.

Well at first i was hell yeah… But then when i heared i was like….were are we going to exactly. She told me “the Gaypride”. I was like….what!? U serious? And mother of all gay people she was!

And there i was, walking in Amsterdam. Almost everybody was in pink and the city of Amsterdam was very crowded! Trams, metros and trains were loaded!

So whats the gaypride? Or they now call it the Canalpride. Well it’s a parade for gay men en women. But i grew way bigger than that. It’s a party like crazy.

There were like 80 boats going through the Amsterdam canals. They had about anything, like leather, feather, and there was a gay policeboat….. i didn’t believe my own eyes…. So i had to film it.


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